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  • Solar Photovoltaic Rebates

    Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems qualify for rebates through the California Solar Initiative. The rebates are on a declining schedule, and get smaller over time as more PV systems are installed throughout the state of California, so the time to go solar is sooner rather than later.

    EPBB – Expected Performance Based Buydown

    EPBB rebates are a one-time rebate which is based on the expected future energy production of the system. Available for systems smaller than 30 kW in size, the EPBB rebate is based on the CEC-AC system rating, and factors in the location, orientation and shading of the system. To see the current amount of the rebate, check the CSI Trigger Tracker. The EPBB rebate is the most common rebate for residential systems.

    PBI – Performance Based Incentive

    PBI incentives are required for systems larger than 30 kW CEC AC. Incentive payments are made monthly and are based on the actual amount of recorded kilowatt hours of electricty produced by the solar system over a five year period. The current PBI Incentive rates can also be checked on the CSI Trigger Tracker page.

    Performance Base Incentives (PBI) are mandatory for projects with systems equal to or greater than 30 kW CEC- AC, with monthly payments based on recorded kilowatt hours ( kWh) of solar power produced over a 5 year period.  PBI incentives for the San Diego area by step and customer class are also shown on the CSI Trigger Tracker page.