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    CSI Thermal – Solar Hot Water Rebates for Homes and Businesses

    Approved by the California Public Utilities Commission in January, 2010, the new CSI Thermal rebate program will provide rebates for solar water heating systems for homes and businesses. The total budget for the rebate program is $350 million. 60% of the budget is set aside for commercial and large scale projects, and 40% is set aside for residential systems. The program is estimated to last 10 years. The California Center for Sustainable Energy will begin accepting applications on May 1st, 2010 for residential, and June 1st, 2010 for commercial and large scale systems.

    The maximum incentive for residential systems is $1875 per single family dwelling and varies according to the system installed and other installation details. For commercial scale systems such as hotels, fitness centers, condominiums or apartment buildings, the incentive is a function of the quantity of natural gas therms, or kWh of electricity saved by the system. The method of calculation is currently being developed, but is expected to cover a large portion of the total system cost. Learn more at


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