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    Celadon on 9th and Broadway
    Bridge Housing
    Turner Construction
    Multifamily Affordable Housing- Solar Hot Water System and Solar PV

    We’re told the 143 ft. solar PV vertical facade array is the tallest of its kind in the US. Adroit designed and installed a 150.63 solar hot water system, and a 32.5 kW solar photovoltaic system this 17 story multi-family development in downtown San Diego.

    Michael Arms Apartments
    Lamden Property Management
    Apartment Complex- Solar Hot Water System 

    Adroit installed a Solar Hot Water system in the 38 unit Michael Arms Apartment Complex in La Mesa, CA. The project included 40 Kioto FP1.20 flat plate collectors. 

    Michael Arms Apartment Flat Plate Collectors

    Michael Arms Apartments Solar Hot Water System

    The QUAD at Cal State San Marcos
    Safdie Rabines Architects
    North City, llc
    R and R Construction
    University Housing- Solar Cogeneration System 

    Adroit designed and installed a 48kW electric and 160kW thermal Cogenra solar cogeneration system on the roof of four separate buildings for a 500 bed student dormitory.

    Solar Cogeneration System at The QUAD in San Marcos

    The Quad- San Marcos Solar Cogeneration System

    Avista Technologies
    Industrial Heating application

    Adroit installed a Solar Cogeneration System at Avista Technologies. 

    Avista Technologies Cogeneration System

    Naval Station San Diego
    P405 Bachelors Enlisted Quarters
    Cogenra Concentrated Parabolic Trough Domestic Hot Water Heating System
    JWDA Architecture
    Hensel Phelps -AO Reed

    Adroit Solar Delivered a parabolic trough high temperature solar thermal system on a Bachelors Enlisted Quarters. Adroit has an interim labor agreement in place with the UA Local 230 for the delivery of this project. 

    Photo of the Solar Thermal Tank (Piping in progress)

    Point Loma Nazerene University
    Neese Hall
    Solar Thermal DHW Heating, Mechanical Room Reconfiguration, and Space Heating Boiler Replacement

    Adroit designed and installed a solar thermal domestic hot water heating system, completely rehabilitated and reconfigured the mechanical room and replaced the 30 year old space heating boiler with a new 99% efficient condensing boiler.

    PLNU University Dormitory Solar Thermal System

    PLNU Solar Thermal Mechanical Room

    El Norte Apartments
    Community Housing Works
    Public Architecture
    Sun Country BuildersSolar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems and Boiler and Domestic Storage Tanks

    Adroit designed and installed a 48kW thermal solar hot water heating system and the boiler and storage tank system. Community Housing Works wanted an installation that would be of the highest quality and give the most value over its service life. We designed a very robust system with stainless steel storage tanks and a closed loop condensing boiler. Adroit also integrated the solar heated water into the Geo Power dedicated outdoor air system. This is the first installation in the US of this Japanese product. 

    Kalos Community Housing
    Community Housing Works
    Commercial Solar Domestic Hot Water System & Solar PV System
    New Construction Apartment Complex

    Adroit designed and installed a 110kW photovoltaic system and a 76kW thermal domestic hot water heating system for the Low Income Multi Family Non Profit Developer Community Housing Works on a 78 unit new development in Central San Diego.

    Click HERE for Kalos Community Housing Project 10 News Clip

    Kalos Apts Solar DHW System

    Kalos Apt. PV Arrays

    Kalos Apartments Photovoltaic System

    Kalos Apt. Mechanical Room

    Poway Villas
    Community Housing Works
    Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Heating and Water Heater Replacements
    Sun Country Builders

    Adroit designed and installed sixteen solar thermal combination water heater systems on the rehabilitation retrofit and a new system on the new Community Building.


    Cantabria Condominiums
    Cantabria HOA
    184 Unit Condominium Complex DHW system

    Adroit designed and installed a 180kW thermal solar hot water heating system for the complex. Adroit also built  a 18 x 36 new building to house the storage tanks and existing boilers.

    Cantabria Solar Thermal Array

    Solar Mechanical Room At Cantabria Condominiums

    Mesa College- Mesa College Bookstore
    San Diego Community College District
    Miller Hull Architects
    Balfour Beauty Construction
    Architecturally Integrated Water Heating and Radiant Heating and Cooling
    MA Engineering 

    Adroit is on the Integrated Project Delivery team to design build this 36 million dollar project. We were originally working with the Legacy Collaborative until that company ceased its construction operations.

    Adroit designed and will be installing an architecturally integrated, façade mounted evacuated tube solar thermal system that also send energy to the central plant when the primary loads are satisfied. Adroit also designed and will be installing the radiant heating and cooling system for the dining commons.


    West Palm Beach Army Reserve Base
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    Roof and Ground Mounted Photovoltaics
    Manhattan Construction – Black Hawk Joint Venture

    Adroit was asked to design and install a 210kW Photovoltaic electric solar system for the Army Reserve Base currently under construction. Adroit is partnered with Manhattan Energy on this project. 

    Hill ‘n Dale Townhomes
    Hill and Dale HOA
    Commercial Solar Solar Domestic Hot Water System

    Adroit designed and installed four separate solar thermal domestic hot water heating systems for the complex. The system was installed in 2009 and was the first commercial thermal system incentivized in SDG&E territory.

    Hill n Dale Condominiums Solar Thermal Array

    Columbia St. Apartments
    Valley Development Company
    Domestic Water Heating and Space Heating Boiler with Panel Radiator Distribution
    Jeff Svitak Architect

    Adroit worked with KEMA to design and install a European style domestic hot water and panel radiator system. 


    Mission Heights, Solar DHW
    Mission Heights HOA
    Commercial Solar Thermal System
    Domestic Hot Water Heating

    Mission Heights Solar Thermal Array

    The board of directors of the Mission Heights Condominiums HOA had been evaluating solar technology for several months, when they decided to focus on solar water heat¬ing. Due to the attractive attractive energy savings, and the 2010 CSI Thermal rebate program, solar water heating was good financial decision for the HOA. After evaluat¬ing several solar contractors, Mission Heights chose Adroit Solar. In addition to reducing the operating expenses of the build-ing, the projected environmental benefits are impressive, cutting natural gas consumption by 10,276 therms per year, and CO2 emissions by 60 tons per year.

    • 3 independent systems
    • 72 solar collectors in total
    • 2,275 gallons of storage capacity in total
    • Collectors: Vaillant VFK150 glazed flat plate
    • Estimated Hot Water Consumption: 3,800 Gall/Day


    The Zero House, Solar DHW and Pool
    Private Client
    Architect: Ken Ronchetti
    Bauer Construction

    This was Adroit’s first large solar thermal project. It is a 35 collector system with 2,000 gallons of storage as the primary heat source for an 8,000 sq. ft. radiant heating system backed up by a ground source geothermal heating system. This is a verified Net Zero project. Adroit designed and installed the system in 2006. 

    The Plunge- WaveHouse Belmont Park
    Commercial Pool & DHW Boiler Replacement

    Built in 1925, San Diego’s oldest historical landmarks still in use by the public today, the 400,000 gallon Plunge Pool had been operating a 20 yr old, wasteful hot water heater / boiler outputting approximately 35% of its intended efficiency. In 2010, Adroit Solar contacted Belmont Park management to discuss a very aggressive utility program paying for 100% of the cost of the boiler, financed on the pool’s gas bill over time. Adroit Solar provided not one, but two (one for back-up) 96% efficient, top of the line modulating condensing boilers, paid for over a period of 2.9 years on their gas bill and lowered their gas bill by 35%.

    • Two (2) 1.5MM Btu top of the line Raypack Xtherm boilers
    • 100% financed by SDG&E via On Bill Financing
    • Zero cost out of pocket for client
    • Lowered clients carbon footprint by 35%

    Miramar College
    Ned Baumer Pool Complex
    Carport Mounted Flat Plate Solar Thermal Pool Heating
    San Diego Community College District
    MA Engineering 

    Adroit partnered with Aztec Solar on the delivery of this retrofit installation. Adroit designed and installed a 148 collector system on a rooftop and on a large carport structure. This is one of the few large solar thermal carport projects in operation. Adroit designed a system that sends heat to the central plant when the pool loads are satisfied using all of the available energy of the system. 

    Ned Baumer Solar Thermal Carport

    Ned Baumer Aquatic Center Pool Solar Heating

    Ned Baumer Aquatic Pool Pump Skid

    Ned Baumer Aquatic Center Solar Thermal System

    • Ned Baumer Aquatic Center Pool Complex, Miramar College, San Diego Community College District
      • Solar Thermal retrofit on the Recreation and Competition Pools
      • High Innovation 100% energy utilization system
      • 2700 square feet selective coating glazed Flat Plate collectors on a new carport structure for Competition Pool
      • 1296 square feet selective coating glazed Flat Plate collectors on the roof of the North Mechanical Room


    81 KW Residential Photovoltaic System
    General Contractor: Mark Agee
    Private Owner- Rancho Santa Fe

    83 KW Residential PV System

    83 KW Residential PV Inverters


    21 KW Residential Photovoltaic System
    & Custom Trellis Mounted Solar Pool Heating System
    General Contractor: KJC Construction
    Rob Quigley Architects
    Private Owner- Santa Luz


    21KW Residential PV System

    Residential Solar Thermal System



    Residential Solar Thermal System
    Private Owner- La Jolla Farms

    Residential Solar Thermal System



    Residential Solar Thermal System
    General Contractor: Oakhurst Builders
    Private Owner- Rancho Santa Fe


    Residential Solar Thermal Combination System Array



    Residential Solar Combination System
    PV System + Solar Thermal System + Geothermal Heating
    Near-Net Zero Energy Residential- La Jolla Shores


    Residential Geo/ Solar Thermal/ PV Combination System Mechanical Room

    Residential Geo/ Solar Thermal/ PV Combination System Mechanical Room Pumps