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    Kalos Apartments Photovoltaic System

    San Diego’s temperate Mediterranean climate is ideal for generating solar power through photovoltaic technology. On average, San Diego enjoys 265 sunny days annually.

    In a photovoltaic solar module, photons from sunlight change electrons into a higher state of energy, thus creating electricity.

    Photovoltaic solar cells produce direct current (DC) electricity from light, which can then be be used to recharge batteries, or to power equipment. Today the photovoltaics are mainly used for grid connected power generation. Since our electrical grid operates on alternating current (AC), an inverter is required to convert the DC to AC.

    Typically photovoltaic cells are protected behind a layer of glass, and when many cells are connected together a photovoltaic module, or panel is formed.

    The use of photovoltaic modules correlates can easily offset 80% or more of your electric utility bill. The energy generated through the modules correlates very closely to the electric usage patterns associated with cooling. During the summertime, air conditioning is at a peak which correlates with the peak production from photovoltaic modules which also occur during the summertime due to higher solar irradiation.

    Solar Peak Demand Charge Reduction

    For some high electricity demand clients such as in the Hotel and Industrial Processing industry, a photovoltaic system paired with a electrical peak demand reduction solution reduction can dramatically reduce the electric utility bill while maintaining or improving the return on investment (ROI) of the system installed.

    Photovoltaics alone, which typically offsets 80% of the energy (KWh) usage will not always reduce the electric utility bill by 80% due to the Utility’s demand charges which is calculated on a monthly basis based on the highest demand that is metered on a 15 minute interval. ┬áThis high demand may possibly occur only 1% of the time during the month, yet the utility will still charge you for the entire month’s demand based on that recorded peak demand.
    Adroit Solar offers a comprehensive solution to reduce both electrical energy usage as well as electrical demand usage to dramatically reduce the total electrical utility bill while maintaining a high return on investment value.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized solution to help reduce expensive utility bills.