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    Adroit Solar
    1135 Garnet Avenue Suite #32
    San Diego, CA 92109

    Phone: (858) 483-3568
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    California License # 488255 C-36 Plumbing, C-46 Solar

    Hawaii License # 29995 C-67 Plumbing, C-61A Solar Hot water Systems

    Adroit Solar, Energy & Design (Adroit Solar) is a full service, vertically integrated renewable energy technology and energy efficient technology design and installation contractor.  Adroit Solar is a division (d.b.a.) of Mariner Mechanical, Inc., which was founded in 1986, and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

      Adroit Solar has 27 years of experience in the design and installation of the following technologies:

    • Hydronic  Radiant Heating and Cooling systems
    • Solar Thermal DHW Systems
    • Solar Thermal Space Heating Systems
    • Solar Thermal Cooling Systems
    • Solar Dehumidification systems
    • Solar Concentrating Systems
    • Solar Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Electric)
    • Solar Cogeneration Systems (CHP)
    • Solar Net-Zero Combination Systems
    • Fuel Cell CHP Systems
    • Micro-turbine CHP Systems
    • Electric radiant heating Systems
    • Industrial and Process Heating Thermal Systems

    Adroit is a world-class, full service, vertically integrated renewable energy engineering, procurement, and construction firm. Based in San Diego for over 28 years, we are a certified Small Business Enterprise. Adroit also has an office in Honolulu in order to provide outstanding service and support for our customers. We pride ourselves for being forward thinking, with advanced, tried and true, commercially viable configurations using the highest quality equipment and materials possible. This approach has produced the most beneficial financial and environmental benefits for our clients and even through a very challenging economy, has grown our revenue and reputation.

    Adroit is a licensed contractor in California and Hawaii with C46-Solar and C36-Plumbing licenses (CSLB #488255, HI #29995), and a founding sponsor member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) San Diego Chapter.

     Adroit Solar takes pride in working in a safe, intelligent manner, adhering to strict project-specific safety plans, never having had any employee significantly injured, and never having been sued for a construction defect, or dispute, and have never had a lien filed against us, and have never had any type of complaint filed with the California Contractors State License Board.  Emphasis on precision detail and customer satisfaction has earned Adroit many favorable long term relationships with its clients and partner contractors. 

    Adroit provides design and specification work for the development of energy independent “net zero” commercial properties and high-end residential properties and does design development specification work for Engineers and Contractors. Past and present clients include the U.S. military, colleges, governmental institutions, breweries, wineries, and commercial and multi-family developments.

    Adroit has experience conducting campus-wide energy usage analysis, financial feasibility studies and can provide direct purchase, conventional financing, or offer Power Purchase Agreement financing. 

    Adroit employees carry certifications and engineering licences such as LEED  +BD & C  and the California Professional Engineering Licenses (PE).


    What makes Adroit Solar stand out from the crowd?

    • Division of Mariner Mechanical Inc, a 27 year old company
    • Licensed contractor in California and Hawaii
    • C46 (solar) and C36 (plumbing) licenses
    • Member of the US Green Building Council
    • Owner/CEO is a LEED Accredited Professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

    Why should you choose Adroit Solar for your renewable energy needs?

    Quality Components
    Energy systems should be built to last, so we choose only the highest quality components and materials. We install established brands with a long track in the industry to ensure years of trouble free service.

    Quality Workmanship
    The quality of a system depends as much on the installation as it does on the parts. Adroit Solar’s experienced installers are meticulous in their craftsmanship, and committed to building robust, dependable systems that will function at a high level of performance for years to come.

    Energy Expertise
    It is critical to understand the ways we use energy and the sources of that energy in order to advise our customers on the best system for their needs, as well as for the environment. From complete energy audits, to answering simple questions, Adroit Solar can help you choose the best approach to accomplishing your goals.

    Complete Package
    Are you considering multiple renewable energy options, but don’t want to bother dealing with a half dozen contractors? Adroit Solar’s complete packages can save you time and money. We will help you understand your energy usage, and create an energy plan that makes sense for the environment, and for your wallet.

    Customer Service
    Understanding the various rebates and tax credits available for renewable energy systems can be daunting, and frustrating. Whenever possible, we will file for the rebates on your behalf, and be with you every step of the way to ensure you take advantage of every incentive available.


    Customer Testimonials:

    Dear Adroit Solar,
    Please pass on to Ron, Eric and Jim our complements and thanks for doing such an excellent installation of our Vaillant Solar Water Heating System. Both Ron and Eric did terrific jobs to get our system installed professionally in a very tight space. The communications was excellent and Ron stayed late to get our hot water back on by the end of day 2, as we requested. Ron also provided extra services by painting the white pipes so they matched the roof. Eric sniffed out a propane leak at the tank regulator that we had fixed and would not have known about had he not discovered it.We could not have asked for a better installation team. They are great, and we are making hot water and lots of it!

    Jon Vick
    President, ASCs Inc.
    Valley Center, CA

    Dear Adroit Solar:
    It’s been over 6 weeks since we started using our Vaillant Solar Water Heating system. I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with how well the system is performing. Totally trouble free, we get hot water within seconds throughout the house. It’s phenomenal.

    We wanted to replace two 75 gallon water heaters with solar. We also wanted hot water within seconds at all points of our 6,200 square foot home, inluding a master bedroom upstairs. Because of the distance involved, getting hot water without delay at all bathrooms, kitchen, etc proved to be a challenge to all. We interviewed four solar energy companies. All, except for Adroit solar, proposed two separate independent systems to accommodate our request.

    Adroit Solar’s mechanical engineers designed and implemented an efffective system that also looks beautiful on our roof. Your willingness to work with us and the Rancho Santa Fe Art Jury to get our project approved is also very much appreciated. All this for half the cost the other companies proposed. In summary, the whole process from our initial interview, to the installation and the final certification inspection performed by Adroit solar engineers and Vaillant inspectors has been seamless and trouble free.

    Teresa and Cesar Chavez
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA